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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How many CPD points do these meetings attract?

A. This depends on the length of the meeting and is subject to approval from the Federation of Royal Colleges. In the past, our meetings have been approved for up to 8 CPD points. Each meeting programme has to be submitted to the Royal College for review and approval - so we can only confirm this nearer the meeting itself. Your Certificate of Attendance will state the RCP Activity Code and points accrued.

Q. How do i claim my attendance certificate and/or CPD points?

A. Follow this link for detailed instructions. Essentially you will need to login and provide feedback AFTER the meeting is over in order to obtain your certificate. Only those delegates who we have evidence of attendance will be allowed to provide feedback in order to print their certificate.

In essence, please follow the steps below...

  1. Log on to your profile by clicking the user icon on the top of any page.
  2. Once logged in, along the top in the right hand corner is a link titled [ Resource ]
  3. Click this link
  4. Scroll down to the relevant meeting you attended
  5. Leave feedback.
  6. Once completed, your certificate will be available for the relevant meeting you have attended.

Q. Are the meetings influenced by its sponsors?

A. The whole content, design and presentation of this meeting is in no way, shape or form influenced by its sponsors who provide support for the meeting in an unrestricted manner. The Training Committee choose the topics based on what is current and topical as well as those that have not been covered before in the series of meetings. This means that none of our speakers are told/advised/coerced into promoting any particular drug, device or product.

Q. Is there parking?

A. This varies from venue to venue. Please consult the venue website for more details

Q. Where are the conferences held?

A. These vary - please see the upcoming meeting for more details.

Q. How do I contact you if I have any other queries?

A. Please navigate to the email form on the "Contact Us" page.


Q. How do I join as a member?

A. Membership to our mailing list is free. To join, Click on the "Membership" tab, and then click on the "Registration" tab on the dropdown menu. Enter your details in full in the Registration page that comes up. You will then receive an email to the email account you have registered with asking you to verify your email address.

Click the link within the email which will bring you to our website andfor you to verify your email address and choose a password familiar to yourself. Once you have done this, you have enrolled as a member of our mailing list, which enables you to then register for a meeting. 

Q. How do I register for a meeting?

A. Please find detailed instructions here.

First you have to join as a member (see FAQ above). Once you are a member, "Login" using the tab at the top right hand corner of the website using your email address and preferred password. Click on the "EMI Training Events" tab OR click the "View Programme" tab in the banner on the right of your screen. Select the meeting you would like to attend, then click the green "Book Now" tab. This will take you to our Reservation page. Select the Meeting (default setting)  or Meeting+ Dinner (tick the tickbox). The cost of your selection will be displayed. Then click "Complete Reservation and Pay Online"

This completes your registration for the meeting. You will receive a confirmation email from us in due course. If you do not, please email jcm85@medschl.cam.ac.uk to enquire.

Q. What happens to my registration fee?

A. All monies are placed in a University of Cambridge account and is used to pay the venue, catering, and speaker expenses. Any surplus is used to keep costs down at future events. EMI is a "not for profit" meeting.

Q. What happens after I have registered and PAID online?

A. Once you have successfully registered and paid online, we will process your order and send confirmation of your place to you via email. This is an automated response which essentially confirms you are on our meeting delegate list.


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